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“tooksha”  ‒ Scottish Gaelic for intellect, perception, reason and taste (beautiful)

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TUIGSE Signs Independent Label, Italdred

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I didn’t expect to be writing this post in 2020, but here we are. Coming from a privileged background, it has always been at the forefront of TMG (and myself) to support my fellow young people, no matter the colour or socio-economic background to push their sound.

I’ve worked and continue to work with incredible artists from a variety of backgrounds and colour. To say or do nothing is not in my nature.

In honour of George Floyd and all people of colour who face racial discrimination and injustice daily, I feel I must not only donate but to use my privilege to try and make a difference and to continue supporting our artists.

I have donated $500 to the Black Lives Matter movement. 100% of our profits for the next month will also get donated and topped up by an additional $500.

– Edward Bruce

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