Frequently asked questions
- What does TUIGSE mean?
It is Scottish Gaelic for: intellect, understanding, taste (beautiful).
- How does my label/artist become a part of TUIGSE?
Feel free to contact us here and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.
- What does TUIGSE seek in a label/artist?
Passion, creativity and a quality body of work. At TUIGSE we pride ourselves in our selectivity when it comes to partnering with only the best established, and promising labels and artists.
- What can TUIGSE offer me/my company?
We work with some of the best music companies in the world to provide you with an unrivaled approach to the music industry.

Our expertise is only supplied to the freshest, most talented artists, no matter your size. We operate in a behind the scenes role to become your go-to contact on a day-to-day basis. From digital distribution, marketing new releases and all the technology and design that goes into the little things. We truly allow you to focus on the music.

- Which artists are already on board?
You can find the answer to that, here.

We are currently updating our website for 2020. Some pages may not be available.